FAQs for Satellite Services

Below we have provided answers to the questions we are asked most often. Please read below, and contact us at any time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price of satellite competitive with cable?

Satellite is a premium service that provides value above and beyond price. Satellite is a technology that provides a valuable service for many who have no opportunity to receive cable as they are either outside the cabled area or have cable nearby but the cost to extend the line to their office or building is cost prohibitive.

What is the initial cost of hardware?

The cost of hardware may be a non-issue for you because we provide a leasing option that can lower or eliminate the upfront costs.

How quickly can you install a satellite TV system?

Normally we can design and install an office system in under 15 days. Hospitals and nursing homes sometimes require re-wire so that can run into 30 days.

Can I purchase channels “a-la-carte”?

Yes. We can sell virtually any channel alone.

What is a satellite TV?

Satellite TV system is a wireless system delivering television programming directly to an end user. The whole system you can see in your business, a satellite dish, satellite decoder, and a remote.

The small satellite dish, about 18 to 24 inches in circumference, is installed outside your business; with the satellite decoder linked to your TV. Television and satellite TV stations transmit programming via a digital signal (satellite TV signals).

How does satellite TV work?

To make things simple, this is what happens in your satellite TV system. Satellite TV broadcast stations, for example DISH Network; use a powerful satellite antenna to transmit digital waves to the surrounding area. Satellite TV viewers can receive the signal with a smaller satellite antenna. The digital signals used to broadcast television emit signals from the broadcast satellite antenna in a straight line. To receive these signals, the satellite dish has to be in the direct line of sight of the antenna. Blockages such like trees or buildings in between would cause problems on the digital waves.

Who provides the programming for the Satellite Center?

The Satellite Center is an authorized retailer for DirectTV for Business.

What is a Site Survey?

A site survey is a visit by a qualified technician to the proposed site. The purpose of the visit is to determine a location for the satellite dish, the indoor equipment, and the cable routing that meets the school’s requirements and provides for an affordable, functional installation. Issues such as site construction, required permitting, or other extenuating circumstances may impact the installation process causing deviation from a standard installation. Any deviations in cost are noted in the quote that accompanies the site survey. The site survey typically takes a few hours and will be scheduled at the client’s convenience.

Where is the best dish location?

The Satellite Center and our representatives will work with the site’s designated representative to determine an appropriate location for the dish and the headed indoor electronic equipment. This is part of the site survey process.

What is included in a standard installation?

The Satellite Center attempts to locate the one meter or smaller dish(es) no more than 200 feet from the headed equipment. If the dish is further than 200 feet, additional charges may apply. The Satellite Center will utilize existing conduits when practical, though we can supply and install a conduit if necessary. If the dish is ground mounted all cables will be buried and placed in conduit so that they are both protected and aesthetically pleasing.

Where’s the best location for the indoor (headend) equipment?

Normally the headend equipment is placed in a 24/7 environmentally room with adequate floor space and height to accommodate 1-3 equipment racks. These racks are approximately 24” w x 30” d x 60” or more high. If an existing cable or coax distribution exists and plans call for re-use of the wiring, we try to locate the rack(s) nearby. Power is provided by the client and 2 – 110v / 20amp circuits are adequate.


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