Satellite Center Offered Better Picture and Solutions

“The Satellite Center provided a turn-key solution for Emanuel Medical Center’s TV network. The Hospital’s TV infrastructure was aging, causing extremely poor picture quality and limited control of our channel lineup with our past TV provider. The Satellite Center installed a Direct-TV system in our Data Center.

The finished product looked professional and everything was cable managed nicely. We had patient orientation videos that needed to be converted to the new system. After talking to the SatCen engineers, they offered a better solution then what we had before. The Satellite Center provided us with a great system at a competitive cost that met all the requirements for our 24/7 patient care environment. “

Cameron Foster,

Network Engineer
Emanuel Medical Center


Unexpected Help on a Drizzly Morning


“During the last November and into December my signal became weaker and weaker.  I intended to call to arrange a check.  One cold drizzly morning I drove to Woodridge to visit a friend.  I parked and notice one of your vans close by.  It must have been the weekly service check.  I explained what was happening to your technician, and he said ‘I’m here, let’s take a look.”  In minutes he found the problem and took care of it.

I’ve told Woodridge Management of the good service– Hats Off to Chad!

Roy Holmes


No Extra Work for the Office!

“It is so easy to accommodate our residents with your service – there really is no extra work for us in the office. When a new person moves in, all we have to do is give them one of your brochures and the agreement form and our job is done. You answer their questions, sign them up and bill them.”

Jenny Hathaway
Elderly Apartment Complex with 159 units



Your Technician Makes My Job Easier!

“… I also want to take this opportunity to say that it is great working with Shane.  I explain my concerns and turn him loose, and he fixes what needs to be fixed.  His professional attitude and craftsmanship makes my job so much easier!

J. Luhring
Mercy Hospital Fairifield
Lead Maintenance Technician


Outpatient Services Dept Praises Work

“I wanted to let you know that Chad did a wonderful job four our Outpatient Oncology area at Kenwood.  He showed up at the scheduled time, finished his work without interrupting the work we were doing, and assured his work area was clean afterwards.  It makes my job easier when I get to work with people as nice as you all have been.  Thanks again!


Suzanne Brings
Nurse Manager
Jewish Hospital , Kenwood

RV Park Commends The Satellite Center

Just wanted to give you some feedback regarding Chad and Kelly and the installation of our DirectTV setup. Our 40+ year old campground presented them with some challenges but to say they went over and above the call of duty is an understatement. They were tenacious… relentless… and would not leave until every site in our campground was working the best it could. Their attitude never wavered despite having to stay another night in our area due to working past 6pm that night.

I wanted to let you know so you could commend them and be assured you have some good people out in the field representing you.


Stephen Bentley
Paris Landing/Kentucky Lake KOA

Your Installer Understood My Special Needs

“I am recovering from a stroke and therefore have limited abilities when it comes to writing and dealing with small objects. Chad not only professionally installed the service but addresses areas where I may have had problems.

He installed everything according to my needs, and generally made the overall experience one of joy rather than dread.”

Rene Salazar
Golden Towers
Covington, KY


Senior Residents Thank The Satellite Center

“Thank you again for the very informative talk on the digital change over. I think we all have a better understanding and less anxiety about the change.  Thank you for all the services you provide for our residents.”

Nancy Hilltound
Senior Resident Home

Affordable Rates – Even for Low Income Housing Residents

If it wasn’t for The Satellite Center, our low income housing senior citizens would be getting just channels 5, 9, and 12 (our locals). Your prices are very affordable for our residents. 85% of them use your service.”

Shannon Wilson
Assistant Manager
Golden Tower
Senior Public Housing High Rise with 155 units



Solid Reliable Satellite TV Reception

“I have been here seven years and I can’t remember when we had any major problems with our satellite TV. When your service team does come out for routine maintenance, they are always kind and courteous.

Our retired sisters and hospital patients (95 units in all) are all very happy with the 17 channels of programming we chose for them and we are happy with the price.”

Dan Conrad
Maintenance Supervisor
Sisters of Notre Dame
Retirement Center & Hospital with 95 units





Your Technician Fixed All Our Reception Problems

“Thank you for sending your repair technician so promptly.  He was very professional, polite and courteous; and fixed all our reception problems. Now it works great!  Thanks so much for everything!

Mrs. J. Aronhalt


Got It Right the First Time!

“Our experience with your installation was very positive. The cabling was installed in a neat and clean fashion. The job was done right the first time – unlike our experience with others who often need to come back to fix things that were not set up correctly the first time.”

Glenn Schneider
Director of Clinical Engineering
Mercy Hospital System – 5-hospital network
Cincinnati, Ohio




Servicing the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

Satellite Center and their team have provided our Cathedral audio-video support for over a decade.  The equipment and installations they have performed went as planned and stayed within budget.  I would recommend The Satellite Center to any faith based organization.
Berry Mang, Director Facilities, Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Covington Kentucky

You Fixed It!

“You guys did a great job relocating our 3 meter satellite dish from our roof to a pad on the ground. It solved our reception problem due to the wind just like you said it would. I wish we knew about you when we had it installed it originally.”

Neil Sharrow
University of Cincinnati/Raymond Walters College
Cincinnati, Ohio




Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Thanks Staff

“Chad and Shane did an excellent job.  They went over everything I could think of (involving this difficult task).  Thank you!

Michael Merker
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Warren County Combined Health District


Nursing Home "Slammed by Cable TV Rates!"

Cable TV rates are skyrocketing across the country. Hillview and Hermitage Nursing homes said enough of the ever-increasing rates from their local cable tv operators. They called The Satellite Center and were supplied with a cable tv system tailored to their residents needs and as well as their budget. Not only are the administrators now pleased, the residents are enjoying a great variety of programming!


We Loved the In-House Trained Staff

“I use The Satellite Center when my customers want Satellite TV because you have the trained personnel to install and service the system. You can’t find that everywhere.”

Gregg Wilson
Health Care Media Technologies




Client Testimonial for Satellite Media Tour

Dear Team from The Satellite Center:

It’s been more than a week since our satellite media tour, and I realized this morning how negligent I’ve been in saying thank you for the amazing work you did on behalf of National School Choice Week (and me!)

I must say, it’s rare to find a team of people who are so efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and downright effective as you guys. There wasn’t a moment of drama or dissatisfaction during our entire media tour — from the planning and arrangements with the stations to the in-studio and satellite coordination aspects.

You’d think that in a tough economy, more professional vendors would try to be as client-oriented as you guys. I just haven’t found anyone yet, in any other aspect of the work that I do, who just gets things done as effectively as all of you. Needless to say, you have exceeded my expectations and the result was coverage for our issue across the country.

I am pretty confident we will all work together again, and I know that I’ll be recommending all of you to everyone I know who wants to do a Satellite Media Tour.

Thank you guys, again. I am so grateful, and please know that your hard work helped reach millions of people and educate them about how THEY can help get a better education for their children. There’s no price you can put on that.


Andrew C.

Vice President of Public Affairs
National School Choice Week